The Monkey Wall

Continually updated - the Monkey Wall is where I've compiled all the great stories I've heard about the Lil Hipsters Sock Monkey. Here you can read about his adventures after he leaves my workshop, and the wonderful friends who have adopted him!

The following feedback is viewable publicly on my Etsy Feedback page or on my Lil Hipsters Facebook page.
Excerpts from private emails were used with gracious permission from my customers.

If you have a story or note to share about your Lil Hipsters Sock Monkey,
please email it to me (lilhipsters[at]hotmail[dot]com)
and I will be happy to post it on the Monkey Wall! :)      

Update: 7/14
Sock monkey is now living all over the world - in Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, New Zealand and the UK. As well as 40 states and Puerto Rico! :)

About a year ago I bought a "Tiny sock monkey" from you for my soon-to-be-born nephew. Not surprisingly, the monkey quickly became his favorite toy-- The attached photo is pretty much what he looked like for the first 7 months of his life. Poor little sock monkey got lost at the park recently, much to my nephew's dismay, and I want to replace it for Christmas. Are you still making them? I didn't see it listed on your site, but wanted to check with you first since the Lil Hipster monkey seems to have a lot more character than the other sock monkeys I've seen." - customer email November 2011

"You made a sock monkey for me about 8 months ago, shipped to my sister in NYC for her shower. I just wanted you to know that sock monkey is in used and much-beloved:

I am particularly delighted by this as my own sock monkey (named Monkey) was a faithful companion who slept with me every night for 35 years. He was patched, tattered, missing eyes and ears and his hat was shredded, but he was much loved until my dog finally demolished him.

So another generation of sock monkey love is born with the one you made, and I just wanted to say thanks!"
customer email September 2011

"Very quick shipping excellent quality. There's nothing cuter then seeing a toddler carry his sock monkey around by the tail." Feedback 10/21/11
"Awesome! I got this cute little guy for my cat and she loves it. :)" Feedback 10/10/11

"A keepsake for life! My daughter's 1st birthday party will be a fantastic memory. The sock monkey theme was fun and unique. Thank you for getting this to me so quickly!" Feedback on 8/25/11

"I was so excited to receive this sock monkey for my 4 month old son. It is fantastic and we LOVE it. Thank you so much." Feedback 8/25/11

"My friend's daughter continues to choose your monkey as her FAVORITE go-to toy all these months later!" email 6.28.11

"You are not going to believe this- just came back from vacation with my family and my son (who is almost 23) and husband just about came to blows over the sock monkey. My son wanted to take him home with him! Is there any way that I could get 2 more from you...Your's are the cutest ones I have seen!!" email dated 6.9.10

"We have one of your Sock Monkeys, my ten year old son wanted a "real handmade" sock monkey. He LOVES it! He sleeps with it every night, and every little trip we take to grandmas etc, he goes in the backpack. In fact, he risks not being a cool tough guy every Thursday after school when he takes monkey to sit on his lap at his school library reader's club. His little sisters can't wait to get their own."
-Facebook comment 5.15.11

""Yay! Thank you so much. I have seen alot of sock monkeys on here and have been looking for days. I am so happy that you will send it to me. Your monkey is perfect :) The embroidered eyes are great because right now everything goes in his mouth. Thanks again, you made my day." email 5.5.10

Here are some other quotes you can find in my Etsy Feedback:

9.29.09 "Kick ass and beyond...we love this little guy. Crazy fast shipping, A+++++"

12.28.09 "What a wonderful sock monkey -- it was just what we wanted!!..."

12.31.09 "Just received this the other day and am so pleased with the way it turned out! It's perfect and I can't wait to give it to my son for his birthday!!!"

3.4.10 "LilHipsters, The sock monkey is perfect! Just what I wanted for our little grandson. Thanks for the speedy shipping. It was a real pleasure doing business with you! :-)"

5.20.10 "The monkey's were so cute!!!! I LOVE our custom mini sock monkey's....will shoot over pics once I get my wreath completed."

11.2.10 "OMG WE love them! They will be the highlight of the Christmas Stockings on Christmas morning! These are made with the highest quality of craftmanship I have seen! Super fast shipping and I am located in CANADA Eh!! lol Thank you so much for a smooth and fast transaction we will be back!!"

11.2.10 "the friend i bought it for loved it, she named it and everything."

11.3.10 "Soooo much cuter in person! Thank you so much for the quality product and fast shipping!"
Photo by Jenn's Photo

12.6.10 "this monkey is "beyond words" cute! He is even packaged in a cute way! My son will love this on Christmas! Thank you!"

12.13.10 "I LOVE my tiny sock monkey! He arrived so quickly and so cutely wrapped. He is even cuter in person (and he is pretty cute in the picture). I had to have this cute little guy because he reminded me of the large sock monkey we used to play with at my grandparents. Such good memories and this cute little guy will always be around to remind me. Thank you!!!"

12.16.10 "My fiancee loves her Sock Monkey. This was my first Etsy purchase, and a great transaction to get me started. Super-fast turnaround."

12.18.10 "Wow! Perfect in every way. Quick shipping. Expert work. Great size [junior was purchased] for the 10-month old recepient. She couldn't put it down & is dragging it around everywhere already! Thank you for your excellent product & service."

12.20.10 "Thank You!! This is the cutest sock monkey I've ever seen. I can't wait to give it to my little guy on Christmas morning."

12.24.10 "A delight as a shower present, absolutely perfectly made and sure to be much loved by the baby on arrival!"

1.4.11 "Hello, got my new sock monkey Jr. today. Thank you so much, it's so beautiful, well-made..."

1.28.11 [tiny monkey]"Absolutely adorable and sweet! I am in love with this lil monkey!"

3.28.11 [tiny monkey] "Just received my tiny sock monkey today and it is SO cute! I bought it for a friend's new baby to add to his jungle themed bedroom. I can't wait to give it to Mom and baby, I just know they'll love it. Thanks!"

3.31.11 [tiny monkey] "This is the cutest sock monkey! I bought it for my 3 month old and it is just the greatest!!"
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