Tuesday, August 25, 2009

:the process:

How do I go about finding fun things to sew and create? A lot of my inspiration comes from the people in my life, the people in my family.

For instance, the first burpies I ever made were for my niece, Alexis. I took the idea behind some burp cloths I received as a new mom just 6 months earlier, tweaked it a little, and added my own style. She loved them so much she called me up to order more! I was so flattered, I didn't mind obliging. And she was the one who told me that she was getting compliments on them all the time and that I should sell them. The rest is history...

The first sock monkey I ever made was for my niece Vanessa. She was in Junior High at the time, I think. The perfect age for a little funky monkey.

The first baby quilt I attempted was for my nephew, Dominic. I started it when he was still in his mommy's tummy, but being a self-taught quilter, it took me a little longer than I planned to finish it. I learned a lot on that quilt! I think he finally got it on his 1st or 2nd birthday. =) Since then, I have made at least 6 other baby quilts for some little people I know. I'm working on my son's right now. I think it's my best one yet. I'll post pics when it's done...

The first thing I knitted was a baby blanket. It was very simple and (being only about 13 at the time) I tucked it away in my hope chest. I wonder whatever happened to that one... I used to love knitting scarves for my friends at Christmas time. A few years ago I started venturing into more "shaped" objects, like hats and mittens. Usually for whatever pregnant lady I happened to know at the time. ;)

Since having a child of my own, I think I have a better grasp of what really works. Being a mom helps me sort through some of the frivolities and use or create more practical patterns - hats that fit, booties that stay on a little better than others.

Right now, on this Burpie Kick, the process has changed a bit. Starting my shop on Etsy is much different than sewing for a friend. I'm not sure what my customer's favorite color is, if she likes daisies or wild animals, if her kid's room is done in monkeys, or cars, or turtles or teddy bears... So usually I walk around JoAnn's, scanning the fabrics for something I like. I usually end up with "a little bit of everything." Haha. Then I match it with some yummy chenille, take it all home and work it.

I look forward to sewing in the future - for old friends and new!

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