Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As custom as custom gets

This CUSTOM order just went out this week to my niece and two nephews. I think it's so interesting to see their different personalities reflected here:

The older nephew is very studious and smart. He's only 7, but he wanted something "black and gray." I wanted to make his scarf more mature so I gave it the groovy ribs.

My niece is so sweet - she's into PINK and princesses, and asked for something "pink and sparkly." I had a little trouble finding sparkly pink yarn that wasn't furry too (which she wouldn't want) so I just mixed two yarns together... I made a looser weave and added the fringe to give it a more feminine look:

The younger nephew is only 2 years old, so he didn't have any specific requests. =)
His mom said she thought something maybe in a nautical blue.  I added a cable-knit to make it interesting, which turned out kinda neat, because he's really into helicopters right now. I thought it looked kinda like a whirlybird pattern, you know?

ANYHOO. Whew! My fingers are tired! I forgot how long it takes to create those inches! But well worth it to see the finished product. I really hope they like'em. =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A merry lil Christmas

I've had a couple of requests for Christmas hats and was very excited to roll out two designs in early November. The first I call Santa's Little Helper, because it kinda looks elvish to me:

The colors are very subtle and folksy. I'm especially excited that I was able to use the Eco-Ways yarn for this one, so it's made of 30% recycled polyester. I'd like to find more recycled yarns in the future.

The second hat is the Candy Cane hat:

Seven stripes of crimson and off-white - this hat is a bit bolder and more dressy than the Helper Hat. It's made with a satin acrylic that I love to use for baby stuff because it's so soft and smooth.

Well, off I go to KNIT more! I've been barely able to keep up with orders, which is good. But I'd like to try to get my inventory up for Christmas!

Next week, I plan on making some sock monkeys, and then some new iPod cozies
(i think they would make great stocking stuffers!).
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