Monday, August 31, 2009

Artists and Lawyers

I've just spent two nights studying about the new CPSIA laws. Precious hours of my life that I will never get back, basically sifting through mountains of cyber info. You can almost see all the Etsians wandering around with bewildered looks, trying to figure out what strange land they have stumbled into, where everyone seems to speak "legal" and nobody knows what EXACTLY they have to change about their products to make them "compliant." Well, they do, but it takes awhile to figure out. In fact, just as I was realizing that my yarn and textile products are exempt from this law (since they have no possible traces of lead), I was also realizing that I will be needed a different label called a tracking label. A completely differnent law passed at the same time is responsible for this. It's actually not that bad. I think my labels just have to have my Company name (which I was gonna do anyway), Location (which is good too) and a date of production. That last one is a bit tricky, since sometimes it takes me a few days to finish one thing =) But I'll wing it. Apparently, I'm supposed to also keep track of what materials I use and the dates/items I use them on. All this is to tie into the date of production on the label, just in case there is a recall.

At least I think I have that right. That's what I've gathered from days of staring into glaring white computer screens. UGH. I'm all for safety and everything but this is really kind of a drag. For me and the other thousands of Etsy folk trying to make some spare change out of yard sale finds and a little creativity. Maybe I exaggerate, but you get my point.

... I wonder, in the event of a recall, if They really expect me to be able to trace my xyz yarn I bought 5 years ago on a road trip, find the doohicky I made with it way back in Last Year, and call up the one gal who bought a beanie or something? And anyway, even if I did, how much do you wanna bet she'll just say "Oh, sweetheart. Don't worry about it. I'll take my chances against killer Fun Fur anyday over a trip to the post office..."

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