Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Moving Out Checklist

OK, if you haven't caught on by now, I can be kind of a detail nerd. :) I loooove lists. Checklists, to do lists, weekly lists, chore lists... I don't think I even keep up with any of them at any given time. But I find it comforting that they are there. I think it has to do with my forgetful nature and with having a lot of various responsibilities. The lists help me feel like I'm not forgetting anything! And if I do forget something, of course, I add it to the list for next time. ;)

So, with recent developments, and because I am kind of freaking out with everything that needs to be done this week, I decided to overhaul and update my "moving out checklist." And just in case someone else might find it useful, I'm posting it here.
Moving Out Checklist
(first time I've pointed to a Google Doc, let me know if you have any trouble viewing it!)

OK, so we are about 3 weeks from the Big Day. And don't you dare ask me how many things I can or cannot check off this list! Haha. Maybe I was typing when I should have been packing. Maybe.

Here's to fresh starts and making new memories!



  1. There is a blog you may like called forgotten old photos....she does a thing she calls full circle...posting photos and all the info she can find about them she often finds relatives of the folks and send the photos to them. She also has links to other old photo blogs...

    Down to every DNA instruction there is one who truly knows all our ancestry...amazing, isn't it? BTW...your mom sure looks happy holding her little baby in your latest profile pic. Her race is won...don't ever forget that when the tugs and pulls come.

  2. How did my above comment wind up on this post instead of the one I had just read about your grandparents? Oh know what I am talking about. Now as regard this post is a list sorely lacking...I mean really missing out on essential to dos... PUT YOUR FEET should appear here and there through out the other well organized and timely events...and at the end of of it all too.

    Put your feet up!

  3. I did know what you were talking about! Sorry if my blog was being inhospitable in any way. :}

    I looked up the blog and it is charming! What a great idea... I love that little hobby she made for herself. I am actually in possession of some old photos of distant great uncles and so forth and I wonder sometimes if they have children or grandchildren now that wouldn't appreciate those photos more than I. Should be relatively easy for me to find them since I know most of the family details already. The plan is to look those cousins up someday and mail them a little surprise. :)

    PUT UP MY FEET! How could I forget! Well, no - umm - I didn't forget, I uhhhh - assumed it was just understood that one would put up their feet here and there. Especially if one is preganant and has a toddler! :) Actually I was just joking with Joel about that tonight. "Do something, take a break. Do one more thing. Take a break. haha." That is my new routine. I sit down every few minutes, if only to gather my thoughts again.

    Thanks for the sweet words about mom. <3


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