Monday, March 7, 2011

a visit from the tiny things

A friend of mine is working on an art project. It involves tiny creatures, and I'm pretty sure that's all I can say. While talking about the project and life in general, he asked me if I had ever knit a sweater before and I told him about the Inishturk, and then I realized he might be scouting for some wardrobe so I offered to knit something up for his little friends. He actually tried to talk me out of it. Haha. He thought it might be too much to ask. But I was looking for a good distraction at that point in life and I was already brainstorming and designing things in my mind. So I said I would just knit something up and he could use it or not. No worries.
After a few fittings and alterations, I came up with these:

The first one is made with cotton-ease. I gave it a rough, tattered look by popping a few stitches out of stockinette here and there.

The second is made with the same wool I was using in the Inishturk. But I had to narrow the yarn down to two strands to make it more pliable.
They are both only 20 stitches around, so it was kind of hard to come up with any special patterns, but I did attempt a couple of cables in front of the wool one. You can just barely see them because they're only one stitch wide. teehee. So this would be like a teeny-tiny Aran sweater. :)

I really enjoyed the unique challenges of working in-the-small. It kind of has an eery look to it in a way, doesn't it? Can you imagine finding a tiny sweater like this in the wall of your house? You'd wonder what else the creatures have been wearing and building! Reminds me of the mice in Cinderella.

Now. I wonder if this will help get me motivated to finish the Inishturk. It only has about 60 hours left on it. :/ Naaah.


  1. how cute and fun! I think after that idea, I would be tempted to slip some tiny pieces into walls and attic if I did any renovation. lol

  2. Okay, the mice in cinderella are cute and the tiny sweater is cute, but imagining the cute tiny sweater on a real mouse is kind of creepy!

  3. tiny creatures, what timnny creatures would your friend have in mind? te he! The sweaters you made are so small but darling

  4. Small is awesome.. There is a blogspot called mousehouses of a woman who has made all her mice and creates little houses and scenes from vintage oddities...she just published a book. If you can't find it, let me know. You would enjoy it much I think.

  5. Yes, I love small. Jeannette! Thank you for sharing Mouses Houses with me! It's so cute! :) I could totally get into something like that. But I have a feeling if I started, I might get lost in it... sure looks like fun though. :)


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