Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For every action...

So, I just figured out how to add "reactions" to the bottom of my posts. Man, I wish I had seen that option before - I think it's kinda cool. Hopefully this will be a user-friendly way for others to leave some different kinds of feedback. Teehee! I just love hearing from you all. ;)

If you are interested in adding reactions to your blog, simply go to > Blogger dashboard >design and under the main box entitled "blog posts" click "edit." Then check the "reactions" box. You can even edit the reactions to say whatever you want! If you have any trouble, help can be found here.
I have a hunch my son will be much more computer-savvy than I when he gets older. First of all, he's been playing in MSpaint a little bit lately, and has been doing surprisingly well. Here is an example of his work (#4):

I think it's pretty great. Of course, I am slightly biased. :)

Also, this morning, when we were parking downtown, he called from the backseat, "I see a website," which of course I thought was some kind of 2 year old gibberish. "It's dot com," he added, which made me cock my head a bit. But the real shocker was when I finally got him out of the car seat, he walked straight up to the store-front window we had parked in front of, pointed to where it said "" and said again "It's a website mommy - it's dot com"

Pretty sure I had to pick my jaw up off the sidewalk.

That was my "reaction." haha.

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  1. It's scary how much they know so soon, isn't it? I have a two-year old too and she pretty much blows my mind daily.


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