Sunday, February 20, 2011

A cuppa java

Does anyone in the world (besides me) know that old song:
I love coffee, I love tea, I love the java jive and it loves me...
Coffee and tea and the java and me.
A cuppa cuppa cuppa cuppa cup.

Funny lyrics, I know. I've been singing them to myself the past few days. You probably think I'm a little crazy at this point. I grew up on AMC. So part of my soul is from the 40s. Maybe that explains it. ;)

Anyway... on a slightly related note:

My sweet husband wanted to surprise me last month. So he contacted my friend Linda, who is an artist currently living in PA. (Here is her website!) He asked her about the possibility of procuring one of her pieces and she said very kindly - I'll send something right over!

A few days later, a box arrived in the mail and inside was the most wonderful ceramic mug I think I've ever seen.

So whimsical and unique! I didn't want to drink out of it at first. Such a special thing - I was afraid of getting it dirty. But, I knew it was meant to be functional, and it would be ashame if it wasn't used. So eventually I got up the courage, and now I use it every day. It's My Cup.

The pattern is very cool. Kind of ...scaly. Knowing Linda it probably has something to do with intestinal villi. I like the fact that it's half glazed and not. That gives it more depth. I like the small handle. Surprisingly light in the hand. Very cool. I dig it. I think what I like most about it is how it reminds me of my friend... and I'm so honored she would share her art with me. Thanks Lopez!

 ...Oh look. I found it. Time for another little latte. :)


  1. Not only do I know the song, I'll confess that I know it because I used to do my mom's Jazzercise video with her all the time :)

  2. It's on jazzercise?! That's AWESOME! ok, so I'm not alone. I have at least the jazzercise commuinity who know what I'm talking about. haha.

    Thanks for commenting, Beth. :)


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