Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Robot

Since we've been working so much in the yard, we haven't gotten very much done inside the house lately, but here is one of the few updates we did do recently:

From April 17th:
We now have AI in the house. I do not take this lightly.
I was hoping my first household robot would be the kind that vacuums. ;)
But who knows, maybe this one will save us enough money to buy the other one.
This is the Nest "smart" thermostat, put out by some of the geeks over at Apple. The coolest AND creepiest thing about this guy is that he *learns our habits* and starts to program himself around our schedules. Also, he has a motion sensor and if he detects you are Away, he lets the temp get lower/higher than usual to conserve energy, then automatically resets himself when he *sees* that we are home. Also, he is connected to wifi, so I can change the settings from my phone no matter where I am, he's able to see weather forecasts, and potentially receive software updates automatically. He shows what the temperature in my home will be in 10 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, etc., based on the current settings and the weather outside.
Big brother is totally watching. No really. This is his eyeball.
But I guess it was inevitable, right?
P.S. I just creeped myself out by calling it a "he" for this entire post.
Anyway... next time we get a robot, I want a Rosey Jetson or at the very least a Roomba. ;)
Video here ,if you're interested.

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