Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day

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Today was my son's first day of Pre School...

He's SO excited. He's been looking forward to this for months. We even made a paper chain a few months ago so he could see how many days he had left before school starts, and he loved tearing a link off every morning and watching his first day of school get closer and closer.

Of course, my mommy heart thinks about how it wasn't that long ago he was just a newborn, cooing in his boppy. And look at him now, such a cool little dude, wearing his backpack. I can't believe what a big boy he is.

I spent the morning frantic, trying to get him ready and making sure I wasn't forgetting anything... Did he have his snack? Water bottle? Did he go potty before we leave? Why was his hair not staying combed? All his cowlicks were acting up again. Then, when we got there, it was finding a parking space... figuring out how to check him in and show him his cubby. I wanted to get that great First Day of School photo, but none of my them were turning out very well because of the morning light, so that was all frustrating.

Then all of the sudden, his teacher, very sweetly came over and welcomed him to class and asked if he ready for some school today and made him feel at ease. He was being whisked away to a half day of learning and fun and friends. Our time was up, so we made our way to leave. I kept looking back at him to see if he would smile or wave to me one more time, but he was already caught up, his eyes glittery with excitement as he listened to his teacher explain what fun things he could do today. Joel lead me out the door, and I peered in the window to check him one more time. And that was when I finally lost it. Do you think he'll be OK? Does he know we left? Should I go back for one more hug???

No, it was too late. I already had tears in my eyes and didn't want him to see me that way. Besides, it was clear to me that he was fine. I was the one having the hard time... :}

I am so excited for him, because I know he's gonna have SO much fun and he'll make lots of new friends... But this morning... my house is way too quiet and my arms feel kinda empty. Even though it's only a few hours, I miss him! :} Joel asked me what I was gonna do with all my free time (a rarity in my life). I said, "Well today my plan is: to cry" Haha. It's true though. I doubt I'll be able to get anything else done this morning.
Can't wait til he gets home and tells me all about his first day at school. ♥


  1. These are the good kind of tears....lovely lovely pictures and you won't be alone long, so enjoy it.

  2. Love! Can't believe how fast it goes. I'm trying to savor every moment even now.

  3. What a wonderful Mommy, you are. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the tears welling up when I watched Joe walk away with the rest of his classmates, on his first day. I was sad and also very excited for his new venture into boyhood. When I went to pick him up in the afternoon, he spotted me from down the hall and said "Mom!" like he was relieved/happy to see me. His teacher kept telling him to try and stay in line but that much needed hug from Mom made him deaf to the world momentarily. And those tears that wanted to flow that morning we're happy to know that with all the excitement about school these last few months, that reaction confirmed he missed me too.

  4. **hugs**

    Sending you love today! He's such a fine boy, and you are an awesome Mama. Thank you for sharing the pictures. :-)

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