Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Day of Summer

I continued my "Seasons" photography project yesterday (which was the first day of summer)

Wow, everything was so GREEN, even greener than it was on the first day of spring! And there were many more people out, enjoying the sunshine and UGH 100 degree weather.

Here is the winter shot for comparison, taken the same time of day:

There is one small difference that you might not notice right away, but I thought was interesting. Here is a story in the local news from a few days ago about one of the sycamore trees falling into the pool here in Lower Bidwell. So I knew even before I went to take photos that they would look different. It's barely noticable, though. It took me awhile to even find which tree was missing. You can see it better in the spring version:

and the summer shot once again - green, vibrant, full of life, but with one tree missing... :}

The project is really coming along nicely and I can't wait to see what autumn brings!

I have lots of other spots where I took these photos, but here's just one other fun set I have so far (It might be easier to compare them if you click on one to enlarge it, then scroll through sideways) :




Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!


Nerd moment: Curious about why summer solstice was day early this year? Read here! 8-)

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