Friday, April 15, 2011

"Let's go [try to] fly a kite..."

The weather has been so nice lately. Not too hot... It's fun to finally get outside every once in awhile. On Saturday, while our little family was walking downtown, Joel asked me if I had seen the new kites they had for sale at one of our favorite stores. We decided today was a good day to go for a little adventure, so we went to the store, picked out this gorgeous thing and checked out with high hopes.

Later that afternoon...
Here is the baby in back seat, indicating that he likes adventures and we should do this more often.

Here he is at the park, waiting for daddy to set up the kite.
Doesn't he look cute in his little sunglasses?

Here's dad, getting down to business.

We had alot of trouble getting the kite in the air. We figured out it needed a tail and didn't really know where to get or make one... But then I remembered I had a bag of thrift donation in the car and my purse (which lately I've been referring to as my Mommy Bag because it has everything from chapstick and wet wipes to sunscreen and a small army knife) I can be quite resourceful if I put my mind to it. ;)

I pulled some yarn and old ribbon from the thrift donation, grabbed the little knife from my Mommy Bag and got to work McGyvering a tail. As I was measuring and cutting ribbon, Joel commented that I was a regular Girl Scout. Yeah - "Be prepared." 

In the meantime, baby was bored and starting throwing the ball of yarn around. He got a real kick out of that - especially when it bonked mommy in the head! 


Joel was the one who got the tail on and we took turns trying to run with it. But it just wasn't working for us. I can't believe we didn't get any shots of us running... that would have been almost funny. At one point I got the kite to a pretty decent height - to the piont where it really should have stayed up. But it didn't, it fell right back down to the ground as soon as I stopped running. I think the kite must have been kind of a cheapy one... or maybe the makers were more interested in making the kite look pretty, and they forgot to make sure it worked. It was a pretty frustrating to feel so close and have to walk away unsuccessful... But we had some fun trying, anyway.

"That's it - that's our hero shot."

On the way home, I mentioned to Joel that I don't think I've ever owned a good kite. Like one that actually worked. He didn't think he had either... I wonder if we might be better kite-flyers than we know. We'll have to find a really ugly kite, then maybe it will fly better. ;-) 

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