Monday, May 31, 2010

Media Monday: Nick Drake

I don't remember the first time I heard Nick Drake's haunting voice. Maybe it was watching Serendipity or Garden State. Maybe it was in a mall or in the background of some mod-feeling tech commercial on TV. But somewhere along the way, I took notice. I probably googled the lyrics just to find out his name. His voice had so much depth and character. He draws you in with his melancholy songs in minor key. I got lost in the sound of his smooth smoky voice. It's perfect rainy day stuff... you know what I mean. A few months ago, I found myself watching a documentary about his life, A Skin Too Few. I think it was during the movie that I realized what a tragic life he led, and how it tragically ended. Unfortunately, Nick never got to enjoy his success. It's almost completely posthumous. But that almost adds to the depth of his sad songs. He didn't have time to release much music, but that makes each song more of a gem. Sample here: (Northern Sky, Day is Done, Time has told Me, One of these Things)

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